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“That’s why a story like ‘Hairspray’ is still around: because it is speaking of real things, and real things are timeless.” Fierstein, meanwhile, mounts a fiery defense of P. like I’m in this immersive movie,” says Fierstein during a panel talk.

Dixon was poached by Hamilton over the show's current three — three! The casting director has been considering folks who can sing Adele – and Dixon certainly has no problems there. I knew the show was big, but I didn't realize how big. Ephraim [Sykes], Sasha [Hutchings], all those performers. I've never seen Burr as a villain or an asshole.

That fact is not lost on the talent-oozing cast, which boasts Broadway goddess Kristin Chenoweth (playing conniving ol’ racist Velma Von Tussle), eternally gravelly Harvey Fierstein (reprising his Tony-winning turn as Edna Turnblad) and wry-as-ever comedy legend Martin Short (as Edna’s steadfast husband, Wilbur Turnblad). A pre-show countdown hosted by Chenoweth and castmate Sean Hayes will sneak a peek at behind-the-scenes scrambling, and local TV affiliates in five cities will host their own viewing parties.

“The show takes place in the ’60s, and here we are today still talking about the same s--t,” Ariana Grande, who lends her vocal voltage to Tracy’s doe-eyed bestie Penny Pingleton, tells reporters from the show’s Los Angeles set. ’ trailer is glittery and golden “I think the timing is right to be able to deliver a message like this,” adds Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, who stars as record-store owner Motormouth Maybelle. “To me, political correctness means: ‘I stop before I shoot off my big mouth, and I think, am I really saying what I mean to say? “As a performer, what I’m getting the feeling of is ...

As I watched this production, even with its flaws, I was in awe at the powerful poignancy it managed to bring with a message that millions of Americans needed to see and hear: how far we really haven’t come.

kids in town’ teen dance party, promoted by Ultra Glow, a brand of hairspray.

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Though preliminary ratings suggest that it wasn’t a hit on par with last year’s “The Wiz Live! ” was a boisterous, technically dazzling, socially relevant and frequently very funny staging of the musical based on John Waters’ celebrated 1988 film.

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