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But today Gralnick is a changed man, he’s found what we’re all searching for – Love. (I could go on for ever) WM: Where did you get the idea for your trans-continental marathon stroll?

There is one caveat, because of his charm book past she isn’t sure if she should date him…that and she lives across the country. Walk across the country to prove his love – of course. Women’s Mafia: What qualities does this woman have that she has bewitched you soo that you are going to walk across the country to win her? Do you know of anyone who has attempted this mission and lived to tell the tale? I may not be the wealthiest man, but I am the most resourceful you’ll meet!

When Gralnick wrote the book How to Get a Girl…, a reference to his ability to pick up women despite his lackluster vehicle, two years ago he was single and on the prowl.

He parlayed his talent with the fairer sex into a guidebook that taught men how to meet women in a tactful yet creative way. After I talk to her I have a feeling of fullness, but the fullness I feel is the essence she is.

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Scott introduces each of his interiors this way, from an urban apartment—which features a box lined with a peacock feather, Bulgari cufflinks, and lush velvet—to a modern beach house, with its geode-encrusted tablescapes and wooden side tables that mimic the sea glass and other natural elements Scott used as inspiration.

Together, the rooms and boxes tell the full story of each project—and command your attention with every turn of the page.

Scott Gralnick, author of How to Get a Girl in a 1995 Corolla, has taken note of culture’s shifting romantic priorities.

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