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Sesshin provides a powerful container supporting the unification of body and mind, and our individuality with the community and the world. Roshi Enkyo O'Hara is Abbot of Village Zendo, and Sensei Kazuaki Tanahashi is a Dogen Scholar. This is the only sesshin that Roshi leads during the year.In general, she prioritizes attendance for her students and those of Roshi Enkyo, as well as people who have experience with sitting longer sesshin in the past.My condition also made it very difficult for me to keep my grades up in high school, since I was having panic attacks daily for a good year or so.

And clients who have booked Brett agree - HE HAS IT!Meals are taken in oriyoki style; we will not able to meet all dietary needs.If you have any special food needs, please be sure to include that information on the application.Many customers have commented that seeing Brett perform is like seeing Elvis all over again.Though Brett is new to the Colorado Springs area and Gig Masters, his performances are already gaining a lot of attention!

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