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The secrets Iraqi women have to tell, for the most part, are kept hidden from us, with only bloggers like Marshmallow, Riverbend, Layla Anwar and Touta discussing such topics.

That is why, Sana al-Khayyat's Honour & Shame: Women In Modern Iraq is a hidden gem, a shining revelation, as the Morning Star tells us, which Read it and weep.

Then, as visa processing dragged on, it was almost another year still before Lena finally landed in America. They named her Khadijah (after the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad) Mariam (after the mother of Jesus) Ahearn.

The baby smiled like the future her parents dreamed of. troops were deployed, whether among steadfast allies or recently conquered enemies, and regardless of culture, language, religion or the best efforts of the military hierarchy to prevent "fraternizing," soldiers and locals got married.

She was from a middle-class Baghdad family that had seen better days."Sometimes, you just fall in love and you don't know why. "I think we're meant to be together and, oh, my God, that's the thing I've been waiting for.I just can't wait to see him."Halfway around the world, in Pensacola, Fla., Sean Blackwell heads for the airport. You know, you get really excited before the actual trip," says Blackwell.The subtle differences in the notion of honour are reflected in Arabic, which has two words for honour.One, ) has explained the main reasons behind the encouragement of marriage in the Arab world.

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James Michael Ahearn from Concord, Calif., winner of two Bronze Stars, veteran of tours in Korea, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

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