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“For that country to ban the movie, I found kind of humorous.”New Zealand, of course, is where he spent four years of his life filming with Peter Jackson, Viggo Mortensen, Billy Boyd and Orlando Bloom.

“I was there when I was 18 and left when I was 22, and there will never be an experience quite like it in my life. I kind of grew into being a man.” Famously, Wood didn’t read Lord Of The Rings until after he’d completed the film, and he admits that before Set Fire To The Stars, “I didn’t know anything about Dylan Thomas really, and I hadn’t read any of his work.

Elijah Wood is one of the rare Hollywood types to have achieved the perfect level of fame.

After 25 successful years in the biz he has the acting chops and credibility to be able to do projects big and small, from — a thriller that revolves around a computer geek (Wood) gaining voyeuristic access to his favorite actress (Grey) via increasingly questionable means — and we discovered why the best friendships are made via karaoke, the most disturbing movie Wood has ever seen in a film and which of his ] They certainly do at Fantastic Fest.

Instead of filling his dance card with special effects blockbusters, his body of work since the Rings trilogy largely comprises small, tightly budgeted arthouse features.

Now a boyish 33, Wood has been executing these 180-degree turns most of his life.

The film presents the idea of celebrity worship/infatuation in that John is enamored with Thomas, who continually lets him down. The sensual things in life are what I’m attracted to.

Brinnin so admired Thomas’s work that he helped bring Thomas to the United States for a reading tour.

Elijah Wood may be forever linked to Frodo in “Lord of the Rings,” or Mumble the penguin in “Happy Feet.” But the talented actor does some of his most distinctive work in his smaller, independent films, like the British football film “Green Street Hooligans,” or the little-seen “Pawn Shop Chronicles,” where his character was tied down to a table with fishhooks holding his mouth open. It’s showing his core and the effect that experience [he recounts] had. I was a co-producer on this, and I’ve got a production company, Spectre Vision—we produced “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,” and have “Cooties” and “The Boy” coming out soon.

Wood’s latest role gives him a choice opportunity to shine. Brinnin, in the gorgeous black-and-white indie feature “Set Fire to the Stars,” his character is the American tour escort for a very drunk and misbehaving Dylan Thomas (co-writer Celyn Jones). I fell in love with this electric two-hander that jumped off the page. Speaking of horror, your career is twisting into thriller roles with films like “Maniac” and “Grand Piano,” as well as “Pawn Shop Chronicles.” Can you talk about your career and moving from child actor to blockbusters to making indie films like “Set Fire to the Stars? I’m looking for different experience and new challenges and roles. Producing and supporting other filmmakers and what we want to do, and that is a huge part of my life now.

I think if anything can be gleaned from these recent events, maybe it’s getting to where we can actually have a real fucking dialogue about what it is that we do online and the genuine consequences that those things can have. I actually have a lot of respect for the film because oftentimes when you talk about a movie that has something really heinous, it’s typically within the framework of a movie that isn’t good, or might not have a lot of merit but sort of rests on the fact that it goes to the extreme.

If you were genius computer hackers, how would you use/abuse your power? I kind of look, for the most part, up to Anonymous. If I had that ability I would probably use it for the destruction of anti-human ideology. The thing that fucks you up about , is that it’s extremely well-made and it’s well-written and the characters are well-acted so it fucks with your head because you’re used to seeing those sort of exploitation moments within the context of an exploitation film, rather than something that’s meant to be taken seriously.

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