Dubaigirl dating old spice bottles

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Her tryst with fame started when her mother posted her pictures on Facebook and strangers requested her to start a Breanna fan page and she obliged a year ago.

He added that she had beaten up her mother, and nearly hit him as well.

Al Murr said that the mother was saddened by this whole incident, and was worried by the daughter and her sisters going out and being friends with strangers.

She is quickly catching up with One Direction's Zayn Malik and Girls creator Lena Dunham, both of whom have 1.2m Instagram fans. Her mother was quoted by the report as saying Breanna has 'no special talent that she is good at like dancing and she does not do much on camera...

But she has something inside her that makes people love her and makes them happy…whenever I put her in front of a camera, she is a natural and loves posing'.

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In fact, record bosses have taken notice, too, which has led to a record deal with Universal Music MENA.

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