Dating and patience

The truth is, this plague thing is not as farfetched as we might hope. What if it’s not all the options that paralyze us but rather our own unrealistic expectations of dating itself?Surprisingly, this theory of mine has been inspired by Aziz Ansari, comedian and coauthor of In the adapted article, “Everything You Thought You Knew About L-O-V-E Is Wrong,” Ansari and his coauthor, sociologist Eric Klinenberg, touch briefly on the importance of patience when it comes to romantic love.According to Ansari, Jonathan Haidt, New York University social psychologist and author of , prescribes the practice of patience to move past the danger of a romantic low and on to more lasting commitment.Haidt suggests that when passionate love begins to wear off, we start to worry if this person is really the right match for us.For instance, “My husband was being a jerk” doesn’t describe the event, but rather describes your thoughts about the event.

Don’t confuse your thoughts (your perceptions) and the objective event.

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He wasn’t asking me what my definition of success was. And you know what makes me successful in all areas of my life? When I was first trying to learn how to really meet women in a very natural, authentic, real way, I realized I had to be patient.

If something didn’t work one day, I’d stick with it.

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Patience is the ability to deal with any experience that does not work out in your favor and therefore elicits strong feelings.

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