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Howard did not deny using the belt to discipline their son — and stated that he had no idea that there was anything illegal about it, citing his own upbringing as a basis for his use of the belt.

The boy in question is the former couple’s 6-year-old child.

So when news about the baby came out shortly after Wade and Union were engaged, everyone freaked out and speculated about the state of their relationship.

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard evaded the drama of a suspension ahead of Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals but the 6-foot-11 standout is no stranger to drama off the court, particularly when it comes to ex-girlfriend Royce Reed.

that they believe that this was just a ploy by Royce Reed to stop the child custody hearing from moving forward.

Children’s Services had been investigating Royce Reed’s baby daddy Dwight Howard after allegations came to light that he had whipped their small son, leaving visible bruises consistent with the use of a belt.

Reed filed a paternity suit in Orlando’s Orange County Circuit Court against Howard in the spring of 2008, asking the then Orlando Magic center to establish his fatherhood officially and determine child support.

Both actors would later be fired from this role as the result of an The Onion News Network veterans parody he wrote and performed.Both Howard and Reed have been in a near constant battle over custody of their son for years and, in 2012, Reed actually moved to have her former boyfriend pay her legal fees.It's been hailed as the NASTIEST celebrity feud of all time ...Wade's longtime girlfriend and current fiancée Gabrielle Union.Instead, Wade had gotten Metoyer pregnant during a break in his relationship with Union.

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