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Speaking to Mic, the app’s founder, Scott Kutler said: “One of the reasons we don’t state bi or gay in our app is that we believe it shouldn’t matter when meeting other men.

“We’ve found labels are becoming less and less relevant — and rightfully so, since they can be damaging.” He said it wasn’t intended to just be a hookup app, however, saying: “The app is geared towards men that typically identify as bi/gay, and sexually fluid men are welcome to try it.” Some have questioned whether the app excludes more femme members of the gay community, or those who feel uncomfortable with the idea of ‘bro’ culture.

I had that opportunity, but I couldn’t wrap my head around this feeling that this was my person.

“What’s amazing to me is how in love a gay man could be with a woman,” Jeff revealed.

Dr Jane Ward discusses the phenomenon – which has been dubbed the “bro-job” – in her book, Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men.

Ward tweeted about the app on 19 January, saying: “ Other than ‘bro’ it does not use any other labels, and its founders specifically chose not to use the terms ‘bi’ or ‘gay.

I didn't answer my husbands texts, so of course that set him off.

NOTE: Due to recent spam abuse, you must register to post. It was a great trip, until I wanted to stay out and have a few beers at the hotel lobby. Then I did and I was shamned, and verbally abused for staying out drinking a few fiancé got on his knees - begged me to be patient - we would move. Rather than insist his friend call - enforce boundaries - kick the guy out - we would move. In response to the latest posts/questions:​Nurse33 wrote: "Last week went on a family trip to Orlando.As a serial monogamist who has never used any dating apps or sites, I am consistently intrigued by this world so many of my friends and community inhabit; the viral space where they connect with each other in the hopes of finding a hook-up, a girlfriend, maybe even a wife.On both Tinder and HER, women are more likely to write that they want “feminine women only,” some going as far to say “no manly women,” echoing the sentiments of the Tweet at the top of this article.“We only have two filters at the moment: age and distance,” Robyn said.“We share a bit more information on a profile including height, sexuality, but you can’t filter by those.

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  1. Jude Children's Research Hospital."What a great world girls today are growing up in. "When I was producer of my show in 1966, I was the only woman in every room I was in and I felt that every man either wanted to kill me or sleep with me.