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Some quick take home lessons on Accommodating Resistance include: 1) Never use chains and the principle of Accommodating Resistance unless you have been weight training for at least 12 months, and in most cases 18 months would be better.2) Never use Accommodating Resistance (chains or bands) for more than 3 weeks in a row. It can be very hard on the nervous system and will lead to overtraining if used too frequently. I often like to alternate one chains workout with one regular session.It’s always nice to see my articles published (words made flesh so to speak!) and despite what will hopefully remain a glut of work with major magazines (I think we had articles in about five publications last month) I was very pleased with the latest one, on the principles of accommodating resistance in weight training, to appear in Men’s Health.

 We have our personal training gym in London that is choc full of chains and bands, and there are plenty of other venues to try. If you are struggling to find one just post a comment below and I will tell you the nearest one that I know to you.

The body has no input on stabilizing the spine, pelvis, or knees during movement as the seated/prone position against a stable platform does this for you, thus “there is a decrease in neural activation of the stabilizer musculature.

(1)” In other words, the body does not need to maximally recruit any stabilizer muscles of the working limb because no control of the weight is necessary in that the welded lever arm only has one set range of motion.

There are three major mechanisms for strength training involving dynamic voluntary muscle contraction against external resistance.

Those being free weights, selectorized or plate loaded machines, and band (elastic tension) training.

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The effectiveness of a strength exercise depends on its velocity. Explosive strength is “the steepest increase in strength in the shortest possible time.” Jumping, bounding, plyometrics, and isokinetics are explosive.

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